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You don't have to face these difficult decisions alone.

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When you're going through a divorce or other family legal situation, having a divorce attorney at your side is crucial to lessening your burden. We offer our clients genuine and knowledgeable advice on the most difficult legal decisions you have to make.  


We'll listen to your individual circumstances and develop an effective strategy for moving forward based on your personal needs. At Mutchko Law Offices, LLC, you will receive:


 •  Advice based on extensive experience in many forms of law

 •  Honest, genuine legal counsel

 •  Comprehensive legal services in a variety of areas


Choosing the proper legal partner is the most important aspect of ensuring you reach an acceptable outcome. Our divorce attorneys will fight for you and your needs.

We bring a wealth of experience to your defense. We offer other legal services, including bankruptcy, workers compensation, personal injury and more.

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Don't compound your burden with uninformed legal decisions. We'll listen to your story and needs. With Mutchko Law Offices, LLC in your corner, you can be confident in your legal representation.

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Sympathetic and caring family law

Trust your most intimate legal questions with our trusted and experienced attorneys



"Matrimonial actions are unique types of litigation. While people in litigation are people in conflict, people in matrimonial litigation are involved in conflicts that go to the very roots of their existence."

-G. Skoloff & L. Cutler, "New Jersey Family Law Practice" (10th Ed. 2001)


We agree with the above and it is our sincere hope that our services can help you get through this part of your life. We regularly appear in New Jersey Family Courts for applications and responses in connection with divorce, custody, visitation rights, child support, alimony and equitable distribution of property acquired during the marriage. We also handle uncontested divorces and preparation and review of property settlement agreements, marital agreements, and prenuptial agreements.


We understand the difficulties that families in crisis endure and pledge to help our clients through these times.

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